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Dreams and Wishes
See the sun shine through my window.
Hitting, next to me, the empty pillow.
Makes me wish of things that could be.
What does the future hold for you and me?
I'd take you away and see the stars,
Make every single minute ours.
I'd grasp your hand and run away,
Until we are so far away.
I'd hold you in my arms at night,
Grasping you, firm and tight.
I'd get rid of all your fears,
Wipe away all of your tears.
I'd tell you everything is fine.
But maybe this is all a sign.
Try as hard as I might,
All I am is text on a light.
A picture might make you smile,
And maybe it is all worthwhile.
I just want to see you happy,
Feeling safe and sound, not crappy.
Kiss your forehead, hold you close,
Forgetting all of our woes.
What will be, will be,
And maybe it's not meant for you and me.
If we had a chance however,
I would stay by your side forever.
:iconknoxontholos:Knoxontholos 0 0
My Forbidden Angel
In a dark and twisted place,
I find myself wanting your warm embrace.
Always there but never here,
Your arms around another - I fear.
While parts of me do sit and squat,
Other parts connive and plot.
For these parts have yet to learn,
I cannot get that for which I yearn.
So I wait and try for new,
Yet my thoughts lie on you.
But what's this, a gleam of hope?
"Nonsense", my mind says to cope.
She's nice, she's sweet,
She's terribly neat.
She's far, she's near,
She's right here.
Yet, behold, the thorn revealed,
An arm around her shoulder appeared.
And so the cycle shall repeat,
I might as well admit defeat.
The darkness closes in upon my mind,
It seems I am in the tightest bind.
I've added another to my list,
Of those who I've narrowly missed.
A list of what, you may ask?
A simple but important task.
The things that make my heart so painful,
My forbidden angel.
:iconknoxontholos:Knoxontholos 0 1
Written In Forgotten Memory
Written In Forgotten Memory
It's seven o'clock,
I've lost my rock,
The pit opens beneath me.
I fall in,
Through fear and sin,
What if I don't want to be free?
The deed is done,
The clock's now one,
It's all acted like a key.
And now they're back,
My mind is under attack,
Slowly I'm no longer me.
Will I think,
Or will I sink?
Only time will see.
:iconknoxontholos:Knoxontholos 0 0
FoAaN: Prologue
Father of All and Nothing
Thunder rolled through the dark night. On the beach, the sea roared against the sands with all its might. Tornadoes touched down all over the country side. The entire world shook. Most thought the Gods were angry, that the world had finally had enough of them and was lashing out. Little did they know, it was not out of anger, but out of fear.
Up in the castle of the kingdom of Damoria, a shrill cry pierced all the other sounds of the night. The shrill cry of a newborn baby. The King stood in front of the hearth in the throne room, pacing, and at this sound, looked up. His began to pace faster, wringing his hands together, waiting.
After what seemed like eternity, a servant ran into the room, looking more than a little disheveled. He bowed before the King. "Sire. Congratulations, you have been blessed with a baby boy," he said hastily, as if a little frightened to get out the news.
"And the Queen?" The King asked. He h
:iconknoxontholos:Knoxontholos 0 0
Hal by Knoxontholos Hal :iconknoxontholos:Knoxontholos 0 0
I Love You
I'm wide awake with worry,
My eyes are wet with tears.
I'm beginning to realize,
That these are my worst fears.
I slowly feel I'm losing you,
My love, my life, my heart.
And yet I feel there's nothing I can do,
As I slowly fall apart.
I really want to make this work,
To hold you for all time.
But somehow I screwed it up,
And now its all on the line.
I want to make it up to you,
But how? I do not know.
From distance far I can only say,
"I love you, please don't go."
:iconknoxontholos:Knoxontholos 0 0
Colored SCOTSMAN by Knoxontholos Colored SCOTSMAN :iconknoxontholos:Knoxontholos 0 7
I sit in my room,
With a razor in my hand.
Looking at my life,
Seeing nothing left.
I look for a reason,
To end it all now.
The reason found,
I cut the vein.
I fall to the floor,
You run in the door.
You try to save me,
But yet you're to late.
You scream, you cry,
You swear you'll die.
My life slips away,
We say goodbye.
Now I stand in the darkness,
Watching you sit.
With a razor in your hand,
Seeing nothing left.
I try to tell you,
The regret that comes next.
My voice you can't hear,
Now your end is near.
I see you once more,
Knocking on Hell's door.
Together we embrace,
With the cold hands of Death.
Our souls are lost,
But together at last.
:iconknoxontholos:Knoxontholos 0 4
Thoughts of A Writer
I’ve written on dragons,
Fair knights,
And fair maidens.
Of wartime,
Of peacetime,
And shadows there laden.
I’ve written of journeys,
Both of self,
And of others.
Of siblings,
Of families,
Sons leaving their mothers.
I’ve written of dreams!
Both the good,
And the bad.
Of death,
And creation thus had.
I’ve written of many things,
Even of one’s true love,
For what is the ,
I haven’t yet written?
:iconknoxontholos:Knoxontholos 0 0
I Am From
I am from apartments,
Square yards and small gardens.
From small pets and big trucks,
To mountains of boxes.
I am from the workplace,
Amongst the working man.
From Hardee’s and Lee’s,
To the Country Buffet.
I am from Reading,
A place once known for its dresses.
Now known for its Bars,
I wonder what that’s saying?
I have traversed with Blue Devils,
Indians and Proud Eagles.
To nest with the Dragons,
Most troubles forgotten.
I am from deception,
Lies and deceit.
From abandonment, choices,
And growing up fast.
I am from my mind,
My imagination and works.
From the coasts of Middle Earth,
To the magic land of Krynn.
I am from MY life,
In whatever form it takes!
From the hellish dregs of bore,
To the fabled bliss of yore.
I am from my parents,
And the places I’ve traversed.
I am from my friends,
And everything I’ve touched.
:iconknoxontholos:Knoxontholos 0 0
As A New Day Dawns
As a new day dawns,
A fairy spreads its wings,
And takes into the sky,
All worries forgotten.
As a new day dawns,
A unicorn does prance,
And wonders through the woods,
Looking for a mate.
As a new day dawns,
Each creature doth come out,
Bathing in the light,
Happy with security.
Yet as a new day dawns,
The shadows start to creep,
And visit every creature,
Bringing them to eternal sleep.
:iconknoxontholos:Knoxontholos 0 0
All Alone
Relationships they come,
Relationships they go.
But this applies only to you,
For I am all alone.
I try and try to make things work,
And yet they never do.
Yet you smile and say "Just wait,"
For I am all alone.
So I wait as you say,
I wait month by month.
Soon months turn into years,
For I am still alone.
As the years go by,
Your still there as a friend.
Now you're getting married,
And I am still alone.
Your marriage doesn't last,
Now you are cast aside.
Sitting next to me,
Now we are both alone.
We look upon each other,
Sitting all alone.
A feeling starts to bloom,
And no one is alone.
:iconknoxontholos:Knoxontholos 1 0
I Wish I Could Change
I wish I could change,
Just like a butterfly.
Open up my wings,
Soar into the endless sky.
Fly away from my troubles,
Angers and fears.
Be emotionally free,
Shed no more tears.
Fly far away,
So that no one may catch me.
Now I am alone,
Humble as can be.
No one to talk to,
Play with or flirt.
I just stay alone,
Till I am one with the dirt.
:iconknoxontholos:Knoxontholos 0 0
Love is a Battle Field
They face each other,
In an empty room.
Each prepared,
Each calm.
He draws his sword,
She draws her daggers.
They come at each other,
No holds bar.
She draws blood,
He smiles and laughs.
He kisses her on the check,
Then he pulls away.
She seems infuriated,
But inside she feels different.
She rushes forward with a smile,
Ready to attack.
He blocks her strike,
They're locked in struggle.
He smiles through the force,
And then she disappears.
He puts down his blade,
And slowly looks around.
As a tear falls down his check,
And hits the barren battle-scarred floor.
:iconknoxontholos:Knoxontholos 1 0
The Tree That is Me
A tree stands tall and proud,
Provides support and shade.
Listens to your secrets,
Stores them in a silent glade.
People come and go,
The tree begins to care.
The leaves that hold its knowledge,
Become to much to bear.
The days wear on and on,
The burden grows to heavy.
The tree begins to sag,
Looking for support now ready.
As it looks it sees,
The countless it supported.
Absorbed into each other,
Talking amongst the exhorted.
"Never mind the tree!" They say,
"We have lingered long enough."
They begin to leave,
The tree has had enough.
An old friend comes along,
The tree is bent down low.
But the friend pulls out an axe,
And deals the finishing blow.
The tree it finally falls,
Lonely and ignored.
Still people pass it by,
Talking to the bored.
A lone figure walks by,
And sits upon the fallen tree.
Providing support and comfort,
To one who supported thee.
The tree begins to wither,
Its done its final deed.
The tree that is me is gone,
Replaced by a new seed.
:iconknoxontholos:Knoxontholos 1 0
Dr. Wily and Dr. Light by Knoxontholos Dr. Wily and Dr. Light :iconknoxontholos:Knoxontholos 30 34

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